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💀 Skull Emoji Plushie

What does the Skull Emoji mean?

Featuring a plush greyish-whitish skull face showing teeth with black eyes. This emoji can portray death and scary things! The skull emoji can be rooted in the emotion of fear, but can also be used for positive things such as conveying Halloween excitement! The skull emoji is used in many lighthearted posts related to death, including jokes about death.

The skull emoji can also be used in posts related to specific genres of music such as metal, heavy metal, death metal, and grunge. Bikers, bike clubs, motorbike companies & automotive businesses also utilize the image of the skull to depict toughness, no fear, mortality and even immortality.

The image of the skull is used by companies, video games, and people all over the world. The skull can mean something different for everyone and the skull emoji has many potential uses in conversation & social media.

The skull emoji was approved as an official emoji icon by Unicode in 2015. Unicode manages emoji & a variety of other text based symbols that are used in digital communication. They are in charge of releasing all new emojis and also accept applications for new emoji ideas. 

For further information, view the Skull Emoji on Emojipedia. Emojipedia is an encyclopedia and a dictionary for every emoji currently approved by Unicode. They keep an up-to-date story on the all-the-happenings of emoji and are an excellent curator of emojis history. 

Known Alternate Names For Skull Emoji

  • 💀 Death Emoji
  • 💀 Dead Emoji
  • 💀 Skeleton Emoji
  • 💀 Grey Skull Emoji
  • 💀 Death Skull Emoji
  • 💀 Dead Skull Emoji

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