PlushMoji Maker - The First Emoji Pillow With Changeable Expressions!


$ 24.95 $ 29.99


PlushMoji Maker has officially launched and is ready for purchase! This is an all new product that allows anyone to build a unique emoji face using over 80 velcro facial parts. The parts stick onto a blank 12" emoji pillow that is made from a special material that works with velcro. The pillow and all parts come packaged together in a drawstring PlushMoji bag.

 PlushMoji Maker Branded Yellow Drawstring Bag

This package includes:

-1 Blank 12" PlushMoji Pillow
-1 Drawstring PlushMoji Branded Bag
-All Face Parts Shown

The cost of a PlushMoji Maker kit is currently on sale for our new 2019 product launch at $24.95!

We are also preparing for the launch of separately sold face parts of all types! This will enable you to keep making new faces. Keep in mind that the separately sold parts will probably sell for around $.50 to $1. A PlushMoji Maker kit comes with around 80 face parts! For only $24.95!!!! If you bought a comparable number of parts separately, it would cost $60-$80 dollars! But you can get them all, with a pillow, and an awesome drawstring bag, right now, for just $24.95! It's an incredible deal!

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Thanks for checking out the all new PlushMoji Maker!

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