PlushMoji® Hear-No-Evil Monkey Emoji Plushie


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🙉 Hear-No-Evil Monkey Emoji Plushie

What does the Hear-No-Evil Monkey Emoji mean?

Featuring a plush light brown & tan monkey face with hands raised and covering the ears. The monkey appears to be friendly. This emoji is one of the three wise monkeys, which represent the proverb, "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". This emoji can be used to signify that you are covering your ears because you don't want to hear/read what someone wrote to you, or that you've had enough of a specific topic, or person talking.! 

The Hear-No-Evil Monkey emoji was approved as an official emoji icon by Unicode in 2010. Unicode manages emoji & a variety of other text based symbols that are used in digitial communication. They are in charge of releasing all new emojis and also accept applications for new emoji ideas. 

For further information, view the Hear-No-Evil Monkey Emoji on EmojiPedia. Emojipedia is an encyclopedia and a dictionary for every emoji currently approved by Unicode. They keep an up-to-date story on the all-the-happenings of emoji and are an excellent curator of emojis history. 

Known Alternate Names For Hear-No-Evil Monkey Emoji

  • 🙉 Monkey Emoji
  • 🙉 Hear-No-Evil Emoji
  • 🙉 Hear-No Emoji
  • 🙉 Monkey Covering Ears Emoji
  • 🙉 One Eye Tear Emoji
  • 🙉 Cry Emoji
  • 🙉 Crying Emoji
  • 🙉 Sad Face Emoji

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