Wholesale Emoji Slippers & Emoji Pillows by PlushMoji®

Wholesale Emoji Icon Pillows

Call us at 1-877-306-5232 or email info@plushmoji.com to purchase wholesale emoji slippers and wholesale emoji pillows.

Wholesale Emoji Pricing:

Wholesale Emoji Slipper
Small Emoji Slipper - $5.39
Medium Emoji Slipper - $5.48
Large Emoji Slipper - $6.50
Small Poop Emoji Slipper - $6.60
Medium Poop Emoji Slipper - $6.90
Large Poop Emoji Slipper - $7.13

Wholesale Emoji Pillow
12" Pillow - $4.00
6" Pillow - $2.25

Wholesale New 6" Emoji Keychain Pillow

0-500 = $3.50

501-1000 = $3.25

1001-1500 = $3.00

1501-2000 = $2.75


Wholesale Emoji Pens - $2.00

Wholesale Emoji Keychains - $1.75

Wholesale Emoji Ornaments - $1.75

 Minimum order - 50 units of each product type. Meaning, if you want the wholesale emoji slipper pricing, you need to order 50 units of emoji slippers. If you want the wholesale emoji pillow pricing, you need to order 50 units of emoji pillows, etc... Let us know if you have any questions!

Start an Emoji Mall Kiosk Selling Wholesale Emoji Slippers, Pillows & More!
Interested in buying wholesale emoji slippers, pillows, pens, keychains, ornaments and more? The above photo is of an emoji mall kiosk at the Oakdale mall in Binghamton, NY that we ran during the month of December 2014. It was a great holiday item and many people liked it. We did great sales. We also ran an emoji kiosk at a much bigger mall in Albany, NY called Crossgates mall and sales were great! We ran out of poop emojis first. Emoji Poop was the top selling item! If you are thinking about buying wholesale emoji icon styled pillows to sell at a kiosk, or in a novelty shop, you are heading in a very profitable direction.

Wholesale Emoji Sipper and Pillow Order Financing
We offer financing through our partners at Behalf Credit. Behalf is a new online system that can instantly approve your business for credit to purchase bulk quantities of wholesale emoji pillows from this website, for resale at your business. If you obtain financing, be sure to send us an email or give us a call so we can process your financed funds from Behalf Order Financing into our system and ship out your order!

Contact us for a price quote on full containers of wholesale emoji slippers and emoji icon pillows.

Shipping Details

-All Wholesale Plushmoji Orders will require the customer to pay for shipping! Depending on where and the size of the order, we may need to bill the cost separately. Our customer service team will work to get you the cheapest shipping price available

-All wholesale emoji orders from this website are shipped from the USA and usually arrive in 2-5 business days. Larger orders that require freight shipping could take up to 7 days.

Quality Note:
We have noticed that many suppliers are shipping emoji pillows into the United States from China and are vaccum sealing them into flattened pancakes. We tried this before and advise against it. It degrades the quality of the pillow, it is not as fluffy, and it left creases across the face of the pillows. We could do that, and offer a little bit of a lower price, but we prefer a quality product.

Payment & Transaction Details

Credit Card Payments
We accept all major credit cards for domestic orders within the United States.

International Shipments
International shipments require wire transfer. 

Thanks for considering Plushmoji as your wholesale emoji slipper and emoji pillow supplier. Please contact info@plushmoji.com at anytime or call us at 1-877-306-5232.