PlushMoji® Kissy Face Diva Pile of Poop Emoji Plushie


$ 8.99 


Kissy Face Diva Pile of Poop Emoji Plushie

What does the Kissy Face Diva Pile of Poop Emoji mean?

Featuring bright red lips, long black eye lashes with eyes wide open and a red ribbon in the hair. This swirl shaped brown plush emoji diva poop is the perfect combination of love and comedy!

The Kissy Face Diva Pile of Poop Emoji is not an officially approved Unicode emoji icon, but is from our own custom designed PlushMoji emoji set!

Similar Unicode Approved Emojis Include

  • 💩 Pile of Poop Emoji
  • 😘 Face Blowing a Kiss
  • 💋 Kiss Mark
  • 🎀 Ribbon Bow
  • 😝 Squinting Face With Tongue
  • 👅 Tongue Out